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a stress free environment for your precious

Cage Free Boarding

We have the perfect solution that will keep your pet from living in a cage while you're away. We will board your pet for less than what it costs to kennel your dog. Your pet can roam freely and make themselves right at home. Lounging on the furniture is encouraged! AVAILABILITY CALENDAR

Please Note: This house is full! All dates are closed to new customers until June 2023. Please contact us in the future to secure a spot for next season. If you want your pup(s) to join the pack ASAP, download our pet information form and send to the address listed at the top of the page. We may be able to accommodate your pup(s) depending on your pup's size and breed. Otherwise we will begin scheduling meet and greets for new clients in May 2023. Due to a large amount of unwanted sales calls, we only accept emails for all initial inquiries. Please be detailed with your inquiry so we know you're real. Email us at: Thanks!




Not A Facility

We have hosted more than 100 furry friends in our home in just the past two years alone and we love each pet as our own. Rest assured your darling will be safe, happy, and healthy in our care.


Why Trust Us?

Licensed and Insured Professional Pet Sitters - Pet CPR and First-Aid Trained - Over ten-years experience boarding dogs in our home. Read some of our Pet Parent Testimonials.

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Our Services

Our pet boarding service is not a traditional boarding facility; our home is their home. Pet Boarding - Pet Transportation - Pet Day Care - Your precious will never be lonely!


Our resident felines

Sweetie is our female cat. She was adopted into our home as a stray. I noticed her hanging around across the street in the neighbors yard. I knew right away she didn't belong in the neighborhood so I called to her and she came running across the street to our door. I opened the door and she walked in and rubbed against my leg. She sniffed around a little bit and then made herself a bed on the couch where she fell fast asleep. We searched for her owner  and had no luck but we are happy to have her in our care. Tigg and Smokey are two ferals who roamed our neighborhood. With some extra cash on hand and a little help from the Animal Rescue Coalition, we were able to catch and vet both of the cats. We adopted them in to our home and worked extra hard to domesticate these two wild cats. Two of the cats are friendly with dogs while the other still shows some fear and hides from them. If your dog does not know cats, this is a perfect opportunity to socialize them just in case you consider feline adoption down the road. 

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